Minor car service

  • Service and oil change.
  • Premium Mobil 1 fully-synthetic oil.
  • Premium oil filter or Genuine oil filter
  • Four standard electronic wheel balances.
  • Electronic battery condition check.
  • Tyre rotation.
  • Fuel system additive.


Our professional minor servicing consists of removing all wheels and inspecting the brakes for wear. The brakes will also be adjusted if required.

The under body is then inspected including exhaust system, steering as well as suspension. The engine oil and filters will be replaced, Inspect & top fluid levels, Check air & fuel filters, Cooling system condition. We will also check all tyres to make sure they are safe. A full safety check is then produced and we will send you a written report if any other issues are found.

If you would like book your car in for a service call us now on 03 8682 8909